Orville's Splendid Sailors

(Session 7)

Going down the river we ran into a few humanoids that were in the overhanging trees.

Reox and Mizen tried to talk to them but there was no response, so Reox through a rock at them. They fired rocks back and Mizen decided shoot one of the items. Deadeye Mizen nails the figure and a childlike figure drops to the water.

Another child with a dagger jumped on the boat and told the two of them to save the other one. Reox jumped in the water and healed the one in the water and the arrows pop out, and Reox is amazingly able to calm the child down.

Sinbad and Orvell waken and come up on deck.

Reox gets up back up on the boat and gets Chops up there as well. They are not put off by Sinbad’s appearance. Mizen offers them some smokes. The children are not used to smoking.

Orvell asks if they want to join our group. They decline. Reox asks if they want to ride till we get to their family’s farm. They agree.

Sinbad started preaching to them and the fat one calmed down. The fat one keeps talking to Mizen about death and destruction.

We made it to the end of swamp. They mentioned something about “crows” watching the forest.

The swamp ends and the party can feel a large burden lifted off them.

A dark thick water creates whirlpools and shoots spouts up about 10ft into the air. Mizen and Sinbad realize they are water-weirds and they must make gold tribute to them or they shall attack. Mizen throws 5G and Sinbad throws 3G. The two water-weirds retreat into the swamp.

Reox calmed the kids down by lying poorly to them that their fathers died fighting.

Orvell again tries to get the children to join the crew.

Sinbad, Orvell, and Mizen embrace in a manly hug. Reox doesn’t join in and neither does Kimor. Mizen is embolden by the hug and runs to pants Kimor and with dexterous fingers undoes Kimor’s belt and fully removes the pants.
The party approaches the town of Northguard, which is the northern guard of the capitol Clayton. The guards in the town draw their bows towards the boat. When the party starts to get close a person comes out to the middle in half plate gear with a strawberry blond hair cut. He is sitting on the bridge and is smirking and talking to us.

He starts asking if there are more boats. Orville explains who the party is and the bride guard captain explains that he is very suspicious of us because the party came from the north. They explain that they have a message for the king and the captain has us dock the ship before the bridge. He looks at our documents but he is an idiot and it means nothing to him.

The captain starts questioning about other guards in the swamp and they let them know that they died. The captain finally decides to let them through into the town. The captains name is Kendrar Kendoor.

The town is mostly dwarven. Kendrar tells us to use a dwarven inn. He makes it sound as if he is helping us but really, he is keeping an eye on us. The dwarf owner lady welcomes them with a joke about candles. Sinbad and Orvillelaugh whole heartidly.

The dwarves in the inn are playing a game with runes and Mizen starts watching the game because he is familiar with it. The game is very much like the price is right. It is a drinking game.

Mizen knows how to play the game. The dwarves are drunk and very jovial.

The owner can make buttery biscuits which makes Orville and Sinbad extremely excited. Reox watches this whole scene take place and is just wondering if this is how all gnomes and tieflings interact with the world.

The biscuits are cheap in cost and cheap in taste. All of them are disappointed.

The owners name is Constantin. We all get rooms for free so long as Orville’s performance packs the house.

Sinbad telepathically teases Kimor.



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