Seraphine's Stand (Session 1)

The party had their boat smashed by what seemed to be ice on the way to Seraphine’s Stand. They managed to swim/drift their way to a cliff face and pull themselves up. With their armor and furs soaking and body temperature steadily dropping they found their way to the port.

At the port, they found it empty but with several clues they realized that the workers/guardsmen had rushed to Seraphine’s Stand in a hurry. The party decided to camp the night in the port though to warm themselves up and melt away their exhaustion. However, during the night several ice wolves began slamming on the door. Orville managed to scare them off with a well timed illusion.

The next day, they made their way further into the island to their destination, Seraphine’s Stand. On the way, they were attacked by the same ice wolves the previous night. With three blasts of ice breath the wolves took down Rigdar in a hurry. Orville managed to charm one and Jampa with a flurry of elbows dispatched the other two. Rigdar, coming to his senses, coup de grased the charmed one.

Arriving in the Stand they found bodies stacked high in the center of town. All frozen solid but with their skulls opened up and brains removed. Some had been tied up on makeshift (X)’s seemingly in a cult like manner. Around this time they began to hear an ominous echo coming from the Glacial Wall, echoing the word, “YOU” every once in a while. The group holed up in a supply store to wait until light came.

The next day they made their way to the Glacial Wall, towering over the Stand. At the base of the wall they saw several Grimlocks and what looked to be a small version of a Beholder (actually a Spectator). Not taking any chances, they went in with an ask-questions-later attitude, completely decimating the foes.

They made their way past a magical door, having their deepest fears displayed to each party member. As the walked in, they heard a strange voice in their mind. Making their way into the Wall they found a secret door and what lay in that secret door? A huge room and in the center encased in a column, none other than an Ancient White Dragon.

This turned out to be a ruse by a rather peculiar Mind Flayer. After a bit of banter, he launched into an attack dropping Orville instantly. Through sheer will power (and some flying elbows) Jampa and Rigdar were able to defeat the hideous creature by the skin of their teeth! If Orville had not have given them such an inspiring speech beforehand who knows what would have happened.



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