Seraphine's Stand (Session 2)

The party was picked up by a rescue boat from Grendor’s Watch. They met Insel, a very old elf and also part of the Grendor’s Watch Council, waiting for them at the dock. This is also the same person to give them the original quest.

He took them through the keep of Grendor’s Watch and listened to the party’s story as they retold it. Seeming very nervous of the mention of a dragon he met with the rest of the council in another room.

Insel came back an hour later with two new comrades, Sinbad and ______. He then gave the party a choice: agree to another mission without any prior knowledge or step down with no hard feelings. Rigdar, feeling a bit over his head, decided to take his reward and begin his own brewery with the piece of land and favor he was owed. Insel sincerely thanked him and he was on his way.

Insel then made sure the party knew that if they accepted this next mission they would have to carry it out. He then informed them that they had to seek an audience with the king of The Steppe and Northern Icelands, King Barston. They were to tell him that, “Ice may soon meet sky.” He then outlined 4 ways to reach the capital, Clayton.

The party made their choice and were on their way after receiving 8 Teardrop Potions the next day. They left from the Watch on a steam galley manned by Kimor and his two elven magic users/engines, Jontis and Ellimer.

Within a day they had come upon the Royal Barston Family Memorial Bridge or as everyone calls it, “the Big H.” As it looks like an H when drawn up to allow passage for boats. They came across 4 ogres. One asked the party for 100 gold as a toll. Orville cast an illusion of the gold and it almost worked but the bridge was being drawn slowly and he was getting a bit nervous so he asked for a diversion. Sinbad using a very large voice started yelling at the ogre causing him to grow agitated and finally attacking.

The party dispatched 3 of the ogres and charmed one. Now they must decide what to do with him and continue down The Cut.



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