Seraphine's Stand (Session 3)

The session started off with the execution of the ogre that Orville had used Suggestion on the previous session. Sinbad was the one to do the deed however Orville expressed disagreement.

They continued down The Cut reaching another drawbridge that was hosting more ogres. But before they could reach it Rhian and Rorge, the owners of The Wayward Wanderer, had taken care of them. Rhian warned them about heading into Clipwood mentioning recent more brazen attacks by the evil things in the swamp. The party then took their offer to stay in The Wayward Wanderer for the night.

In the Wayward Wanderer the party ordered a decent amount of food. Orville himself ordered everything even a shot of Rorge’s Forge Whiskey which put him under for an hour or two. Meanwhile the party also chatted a bit with Taryn Dark-Wind, a famous Tiefling bard.

As Jampa asked Rhian for a bit more information about Clipwood and the recent attacks a scuffle broke out between Renstov, a human raised by the dwarves in Stonerift, and 3 other men. The party quieted the situation and talked more to Renstov who was part of a caravan through Clipwood that was attacked. He told of skeletons and also a large monster that looked like it had been stitched together. He asked the party to come with him to Stonerift and that he could get them through. The party considered it but decided they wanted to go the quickest way and also, if possible, deal with the problem in Clipwood.

The party left the following morning and that was were we left them.



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