Seraphine's Stand (Session 4)

The party had just finished having a real bonding moment. They’d all put their hands in the middle and declared themselves to be “Orville’s Splendid Sailors.” Even Kimor got in on it, even though one might expect him not to be super keen on being considered one of Orville’s sailors when he was captain of the ship. But maybe he was just sort of resigned to the idea that things were not in his control.

Orville, of course, was so jazzed that he leapt to the prow of the ship, put one knee up like Captain Morgan, drew his rapier, and pointed it straight ahead for hours (his low center of gravity makes this easier, but the party was nonetheless impressed by his core strength).

The OSS soon made it to the treeline. The swamp was difficult to see in, due to fog and the, I don’t know, trees, I guess. Kimor said that all hands would be required for lookout. “We can’t run into anything,” he told us. “It’s hard to see thirty feet past the edge of the boat.” Jontis and Ellimer even stopped firing the engine, forcing the boat to slow way down.

Sinbad volunteered to cast an hour-long Invisibility spell on Mizzan and Orville, first demanding that Mizzan promise not to use his invisibility for mischievous purposes, so that they could enter the swamp and search for the witch and her creatures of stitched-together flesh. Kimor, incredulous, asked if we were seriously going hunting for this thing. The group clarified that they were, and Orville, now invisible for the first time in his life, yanked down Kimor’s pants. It is unknown why he did so.

Orville flew above the trees and soon found a dozen nude and heavily scarred humanoids in a clearing, along with a larger, armored humanoid with glowing green eyes and a bow. Orville returned to the group before his invisibility wore off, and yanked Kimor’s pants down a second time. It is unknown why he did so. Orville also realized that he had possessed the ability to make himself invisible at any time, but he simply had never done so before.

Mizzan found the same group of humanoids, though he took a bit longer on foot. He also foraged a bit, and found some interesting-looking mushrooms. The OSS waited patiently for Mizzan to return with mushrooms and intel. Mizzan, having seen Orville yank Kimor’s pants down twice, and not fully understanding human customs, assumed that it was a good idea to do the same despite being fully visible. Kimor tried to fight him off, but Mizzan, earnestly thinking that he was doing something that all would enjoy, outmaneuvered the larger man and yanked the pants down. Kimor, angry, tightened his belt to an uncomfortable degree, granting him advantage on future checks against pantsings. Sinbad lost his temper a bit, and Mizzan was confused and pensive for several moments while Jampa and Sinbad scolded him for disrespecting a man who could easily abandon them in the swamp. Orville found the pantsing quite amusing. Sinbad gave Kimor one of the twelve biscuits he’d brought with him from the inn as an apology, but Kimor’s mood did not seem to improve much.

Mizzan then revealed his foraged mushrooms. Sinbad’s natural greed kicked in, and he decided to take advantage of Mizzan’s natural generosity and ask if he could eat one of the mushrooms. It made him a little ill, but not dangerously so, and a valuable lesson was learned by all. The friendship between Sinbad and Mizzan deepened, and everything was forgiven (by Sinbad, at least; it’s entirely possible that Mizzan still harbors secret grudges). Sinbad ate the second biscuit.

After discussing the situation, the group decided to try and see if any of the naked dudes still had any intelligence or could be returned to town for justice or treatment. The boat, with Kimor, Jontis, and Ellimer still on board, was left behind. The OSS marched in, Orville taking the lead with an aerial assault. He launched two musical fireballs, annihilating the armored figure and most of the undead with him. The rest of the group made short work of the rest, and Jampa pinned the last remaining undead so that it could be tied up. Once it was clear that there was no intelligence left in it, Jampa executed it. The armored figure was examined, and a piece of heraldry was found on its armor that signified its membership in a millenium-old army from the Northern ice lands. Orville appeared deeply affected by all the carnage, as he was not really keen on this whole “killing a lot of people” thing. It was his way, he explained, to use his words and his magic to get people to stop the fighting voluntarily. The rest of the group agreed that, if possible, they would try to capture the witch alive and avoid killing her.

Before the group could get really satisfied with how cool they were and how cool they were gonna be, someone ahead of three glowing lights approached from the South. At least, their voice did. It was a muddy blonde barefoot human woman, being chased by three orbs and two skeletons. Most of the group recognized immediately that something was off about the sound of the woman’s voice, but Sinbad thought she was on the level until Mizzan told him that she probably wasn’t.

The skeletons were easily dispatched, as was one of the orbs. The group dug deep into their Arcana checks and realized the orbs were will-o-wisps, and Orville put two of them out of commission with a handy spell for one minute.

The minute could have been used better. First, Mizzan and Sinbad had a quick discussion about the fact that Sinbad was a Tiefling, and that his mother was half-demon. The woman protested that there were surely more urgent things to discuss. The group quickly leveled accusations at the woman, pointing out that she couldn’t have been a survivor of the caravan as she claimed since those undead were probably the victims of that same caravan, and she revealed her true identity as the swamp witch. She vanished, and a third wisp appeared. With one wisp on Jampa, Mizzan, and Sinbad each, and Orville beginning to run low on spells, the group wasn’t in their best situation. After a few rounds of combat with the wisps, the witch reappeared on the edge of their vision. She drew a bag from somewhere, and from it, a massive creature made of various body parts from an unknown number of creatures pulled itself out. She repeated the trick, calling forth a second one, which also had a diadem on its head with an eye in the center. This second one stood by her as a bodyguard, while the first advanced on the party.

What will become of the remaining ten biscuits in Sinbad’s bag, left behind on the ship? Find out in the next thrilling adventure!!!!!!

Written by Mike



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